Advanced Creative China Limited and E2V are invited and jointly take part in the 2011 Chengdu Radar Meeting, and gained great success. In this meeting, E2V launched 12 bit 1.5 G AD: EV12AS200ZPY, and released an essay: 12 bit 1.5GS/s L-Band ADC on 200 GHz SiGec Technology, which triggered tremendous interesting among the participants. The engineers of radar design manufactures home and abroad widely discussed and communicated with the designer of EV12AS200ZPY Marc Wingender. This made great promotion on the technology of international radar design. The meeting of next year will be hold in Poland while the meeting of the year after next will be hold in Australia.
We have datasheet of EV12AS200ZPY and the above mentioned essay. Anyone who need it can ask for freely.