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  Advance Creative China Limited was established in 2006 in Hong Kong, whose predecessor was William Technology Co., Ltd. It became the China area distributor of American ATMEL Corporation in 1995. By many years’s development, we have gained the distributing authority of many semiconductor companies, suchas E2V, RAKON, and Amphenol and then successively founded many branches: Nanjing Weimu, Shanghai Yagui, Beijing Weimu, Xi’an Weimu , which responsible for the promotion and sales of relevant products of ATMEL, E2V, RAKON, Amphenol, NICOMATIC,FMD,TI, NSC,ADI, INTERSIL,XILINX, VISHAY, MIROSEMI and so on. Our customers spread all over the fields of space, aviation, electronic department and colleges, and our parts are widely used in satellites, radar, electronic countermeasure and so on. Guided by the principle of “Quality guaranteed, Customer centered, professional technology supporting”, the company becomes one of the most well-known IC Agents and has great influence in this field.
Digital Integration Circuit of ATMEL
△MCU【MCS51,AVR 8 bit and 32 bit, ARM7,ARM9 and so on.】
△Memory【EEPROM, Flash, EPROM,Security...】
△Automobile electrical electron【RFA,CAN,LIN,MCU,EEPROM,GPS,TPMS,RKE, High-temperature ICs】
△Programmable Logic【SPLD,CPLD,FPGA】
△Military & Aerospace【FPGA, Memories, ASIC, MCU, DSP】
Digital Integration Circuit of e2v
△High speed A/D+DMUX,D/A(sample rate form 500MHz to 5GHz)
△High rel microprocessors(Power PC)
Crystal of RAKON
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